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The cores reveal the tree’s age, growing patterns, past weather conditions and stresses such as diseases. In effect, they are the tree’s own archive: each specimen reveals its ‘autobiography’.


Fineshade Wood is a remnant of the much larger ancient Rockingham Forest, so there is a long regional history of human and arboreal lives being intertwined. Edwina reflected this by inviting forest residents, foresters, local groups and Fineshade visitors to contribute their observations about both the Wood’s trees and unusual weather they’ve experienced in the area spanning previous decades.


The arboreal and human responses to changing weather were combined to create a trail of 'tree wraps' in the Wood and an onsite exhibition of double sided banners.

Edwina offers her  profuse thanks to everyone who participated in this project. It wouldn't have happened with you. There is a publication featuring recycled paper to share the project more widely.

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