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Planted in 1935

Trunk circumference at coring height: 123 cm.

The tree core confirms rings back to 1942, so there are fewer arboreal secrets. 

The focus of the tree/human narrative is memories of weather.

Ashes have an intermediate shade tolerance when young, but need early thinning for good growth. The species is cold hardy and moderately tolerant of exposure, but is susceptible to late frost damage which can cause forking. This is a very site demanding species, which is now susceptible to ash dieback due to the Chalara Fraxinea virus. 


This specific tree has grown fairly consistently over its lifespan, although it had disturbed spring growth in 1944, whilst still a young tree.  It is a predominantly sapwood tree – its heartwood starts in 1950. 


It didn’t grow well in the early 90s, but there are concerns about the tree’s decline over the last five years, possibly because of Chalara Fraxinea.

1944 I remember it always being sunny, of always being fine weather.
But of course it’s not like that.
That’s a memory.
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