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japanese cedar

Planted in 1960

Trunk circumference at coring height: 190 cm.

As this is one of the youngest trees that were cored, it gave much more accurate information about this tree's time of planting. We managed to reach the core.

The focus of the tree/human narratives relating to Fineshade Wood itself. It shows how there are always new introductions to the Wood, be they human or other species, including and how all introduced species adapt to and further the existing ones.

Japanese Cedars are adapted to a warm maritime climate and best grown in in areas with a high annual rainfall. They need warm growing conditions and are not suited to very poor or dry soils including peat or alkaline soils.


The size of this specific tree's  rings reveals just how fast this tree grows. Its sapwood spans between now and 1998, its heartwood dates back from 1960.  It showed signs of stress in 1990 because of either water shortage or cold, and again in 1976 (the very hot summer) and 1964.  It grew particularly well in 1980 and 1970.

1972 We came to this house in Fineshade temporarily- it was derelict.
The door was hanging off and weeds were growing inside.
We were only intending to stay a short time, but we are still here.
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