The Archive of the Trees: A Woodland Guide book was launched in June 2019. 

The poet  W.H. Auden wrote that ‘A culture is no better than its woods’. 

The book responds Auden’s provocation by revealing the year-on-year growth patterns of an 150-year-old oak tree at Fineshade Wood. It was one of eleven trees that we cored to see how they responded to changing climates and environmental conditions. The book extends the dialogues developed during the residency by celebrating how trees help to ameliorate against climate change, pollution and flooding, whilst supporting biodiversity. 

It features contributions by 60 residency participants revealing  the common ways that trees and humans adapt to changing environments or conditions. Their comments are reinforced by both scientific and artists’ responses to the Anthropocene and includes a short text by artists Ackroyd and Harvey arguing that if a culture is no better than its wood, that we should plant trees.

Given that the book relates to celebrating, preserving, and planting new trees, it showcases four different types of 100% recycled paper. It is 40 pages, full colour, including two gatefolds of tree cores. Edition of 1000 books.  

Price £10 + £2 UK postage and package. We aim to get the book to you within 3-4 days