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scots pine

Planted in 1961

Trunk circumference  at coring height: 195 cm.

As this is one of the youngest trees  that were cored, it gave much more accurate information about this tree's time of planting. 

The focus of the tree/human narrative is about water- too much or too little of it as Scots Pine don't like excessive water.

Scots Pine are one of the few natives conifers grow in the UK. They grow reasonably well on acid to neutral light soils of low fertility, but thrive when planted on more fertile sites. They are better suited to drier soils but will colonise and grow slowly on peat. 


This tree is different to many of the other Fineshade trees, because much of this core is made up of sapwood. The heartwood was made between 1960 and 1970.


There are resin ducts dotted through certain years.It didn’t suffer too badly in the heat of 1976, but the summer of 1974 must have been quite short because the late wood (produced in the final stages of summer) is paler than usual.

1986 I remember  a camping holiday in Cornwall when I was eight, and waking up to find that I was floating, and calling out to my Mum. She said, “Go back to sleep”.
I replied “But Mum, I’m wet and I’m floating “.... we packed up the next morning and came home.
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