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douglas fir

Planted in 1959

Trunk circumference  at coring height: 150 cm

As this is another one of the youngest trees  that were cored, so it gave more accurate information about this tree's time of planting. 

This tree shows a serious scar around 2001, although seems to have recovered  since them.


The focus of the tree/human narrative is on forests as places for recovery or healing.

Douglas Firs were introduced from west coast America. They are cold hardy but are suited to more sheltered areas. They are damaged by late spring frosts and young trees can be prone to toppling. They grow well on mineral soils of poor to medium fertility but require adequate moisture and good soil aeration, but hate waterlogged sites. 


This tree is healthy, but suffered from physical damage that impacted the xylem and tree core in 200.  It created scarring and over production of resin.


It also had deviations in growth in 1979, possibly through another tree branches changing its growth pattern; and grew very slowly between 1956-72 possibly because of competition for light, water and nutrients with nearby trees.

2017 This last year I’ve used mountain biking around Fineshade Wood as a way to recover from depression.  I visit once or twice a week.
Every so often I stop, do nothing and listen to the birds.  
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